EzyTrack System

Tracking assets, the Ezytrack way inspires others, one car at a time.
How does the system work?
  • With so many possibilities, the Ezytrack system is specifically designed with so many features and expandable options that it is definitely the right choice.
  • Ezytrack is a life monitoring solution that communicates with our Secured Central Server. It is set to plot a point on 5 degree change.
  • Ezytrack functions with GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, this means that an accurate location can be made on your vehicle with between 1 to 5 meters.
  • Ezytrack system runs a health check on each and every single unit continuously, this will alert you if there is anything wrong with your units. Battery disconnection will be shown on your system immediately.
  • Ezytrack units have a built in battery backup system that will enable it to continue to function in the case that it might be tampered with or if the vehicles battery is removed.
  • Ezytrack has numerous inputs and outputs making it versatile.
  • Ezytrack is an online based solution so that you can have access to your fleet anywhere in the world, as long as you can access a browser.
  • Ezytrack has customised reports built into the system so working out your CPK (cost Per Kilometre) is made so much easier.
Who Installs the Unit?

We have fully trained and highly experienced mobile technical team that can install at any location within the Western Cape. All arrangements will be done from our side to fit into your busy day, making sure that we don’t keep you waiting.

System Requirements

The Ezytrack System is designed to run on internet speeds from 125kbps upwards. We prefer that you have a reliable internet connection via Google Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer is not advised) for a hassle free experience. Authorised personnel can access the web base with individual usernames and passwords.

See our FAQs for more information.

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