• Reforming a large, very complex private school in South Australia from a completely dysfunctional school to a ‘lighthouse school’.
  • Reforming a school which was about to close down into an extremely successful educational institution in a period of 12 weeks.
  • Consulting in Curriculum and Change in 100 schools resulting in significant educational reform state-wide.
  • Reforming a significant section of an upmarket grammar school with structural challenges into a state-of-the-art school.
  • Reforming a failing up market international school in the Middle East into a very successful ‘for profit’ institution in 2 years.
  • Evaluating schools in the Middle East for purposes of reform.
  • Overseeing the building and opening of a new international school in Doha.
  • Significant involvement in national education reform in the Middle East.
  • Built and started a ‘for profit’ international school in Jordan.
  • Reforming a prestigious British Public Boarding School in Europe: from failing to the single best school in the country.
  • Awarded a 4-staged education project by Libyan Government which included 4 schools. This project was abandoned due to the revolution.
  • Managing multiple schools in the UAE in order to enhance leadership.
  • Conducting high level professional development in and across education sectors (Australia, Qatar, Jordan, Malta, UAE and Libya).
  • Leading development of schools for the gifted and talented.
  • Developing models for high-end, boutique language schools.

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